Islands play an important role in the ecosystem; they are unique biological systems and represent valuable resources that support organisms, including humans.

Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Heard and McDonald are uninhabited islands in the southern Indian Ocean. They belong to the Commonwealth of Australia at a distance of over 4,000 kilometers and are managed by the country’s Department of Environment and Energy. Australia’s Subantarctic Archipelago Heard is rugged and mountainous, 80% covered by compacted snow and small glaciers that form the […]

Tierra Del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego is not a strategically important point on the world map. Only in the sixteenth century and in 1978-1979, during the Argentine-Chilean conflict, did the archipelago gain international importance. The Strait of Magellan separates the Tierra del Fuego archipelago from the South American continent. This island group is one of the most uninhabited

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a small state located in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of the main island of Saint Vincent and more than 30 small islands and atolls, including the island of the Grenadines. The capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is Kingstown, which is located on the southwest coast of

New Caledonia

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory located in the South Pacific. It is located on the east coast of the Australian continent, north of New Zealand and south of Equatorial Guinea. New Caledonia is an archipelago consisting of the main island of Grande Terre, about 20 smaller islands and many coral reefs. New Caledonia


Greenland (Island)

Greenland is the largest island in the world, almost completely covered by ice, so its territory has never been sufficiently explored. Greenland’s climate is unfriendly to humans. Despite this, for thousands of years settlers from all over the world have flocked here. The largest island in the world Greenland’s main population, the Eskimos, are a

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