Deserts are the most extreme and uninhabitable places on Earth that develop in conditions of low rainfall and high temperatures.

Sahara Desert

Sahara (desert)

The Sahara is expanding uncontrollably farther south, and each drought claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of Africans. No one knows how to stop the desert from advancing. Giant dunes make the sands of the Sahara look like a yellow sea. Storms constantly change the face of the desert. And although the conditions here …

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Tabernas Desert

Tabernas Desert

Photo of the Tabernas Desert: bare rocks under the sun that first turned the earth into salt. The Tabernas Desert has been depicted in many movies about the Wild West. Almeria Desert The Campo de Tabernas, Europe’s only desert, is deep in the eastern part of the Casta de Almería coast. 8 million years ago, …

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