There are many mountains and mountain ranges on planet Earth, each with its own unique characteristics.

Anti-Lebanon Mountains

Anti-Lebanon Mountains

The Anti-Lebanon Mountains (also known as the “East Mountains of Lebanon”) are a mountain range that stretches on the border between Lebanon and Syria in southwest Asia. They run parallel to the mountains of the Lebanese range and extend for about 150 km from the northwest to the southeast. The highest point of the Anti-Lebanon …

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Andes (Mountain Range)

The Longest Mountain System The Andes, Andean Mountains or Andean Mountain Range is a mountain system in South America that stretches 7,000 kilometers across 7 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It is one of the highest mountain systems in the world, with a maximum elevation of 6,962 meters above sea level …

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Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains

History The ancient Greek legends and poems of Homer (between the twelfth and seventh centuries B.C.) tell the story of the great titan Atlas. He was believed to live in the far west, which the Greeks at the time might have thought to be the African coast, and to have great strength – enough to …

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Great Dividing Range

Great Dividing Range

The Blue Mountains National Park gives the impression of a fairyland. And not only because of the eternal fog over them, but also because the landscape here is millions and millions of years old. Since the length of each meridian is 20,004,276 km, the Great Dividing Range occupies almost a fifth of its length. The …

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Appalachian Mountains

Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountain System The Northern Appalachians start from Newfoundland Island, pass through the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, then across the United States to New York State, where the watershed between Northern and Southern Appalachia is marked by the Hudson-Mohawk Valley and the Hudson-Champlain Depression. The Southern Appalachians begin in the same …

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Himalayas (Mountain Range)

The highest mountain system in the world The Himalayas are the highest and most powerful mountain system on the entire globe. It is believed that tens of millions of years ago the rocks that make up the Himalayan Mountains formed the bottom of the ancient Tethyan Praocean. The peaks began to rise gradually above water …

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Erebus Volcano

Mount Erebus

As the sailing ships Erebus and Terror approached the solid strip of ice, the members of the expedition saw a tall white cone far to the south, over which clouds of smoke were rising. Captain James Ross was sure he had found Antarctica, but it was still only a volcanic island. Antarctica’s southernmost and most …

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