Roman Forum

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is a historic area in the center of Rome, Italy that served as the center of city life in ancient Rome. It was the heart of political, religious and social activity for many centuries. The center of ancient Rome Roman Forum was a place for a variety of social activities including political …

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State of Connecticut

Connecticut (State)

Connecticut is one of the 50 states in the United States, located in the Northeastern part of the country. The capital of Connecticut is the city of Hartford. Connecticut is bordered by the states of Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, New York to the west, and New York Bay to the …

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Tigris River

Tigris River

The Armenian highlands of Asia Minor and Transcaucasia, its Taurus range, among the slopes of the southern end of which Lake Hazar is located, form a single mountain chain with the Lesser Caucasus. One of the ancient names of the Caspian Sea is also Khazar. That is, in the geographical system of concepts, the Tigris …

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Yukon Territory (Canada)

Yukon Territory (Canada)

The Yukon Territory is one of Canada’s territories. It is located in the northwest of the country and borders Alaska (USA) to the west and other Canadian territories: the Northwest Territories to the east and British Columbia to the south. The Yukon has an area of about 482 thousand square kilometers. This region of Canada …

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Black Sea

Black Sea

The Black Sea is an inland sea located between southern Europe and the Caucasus. It surrounds the shores of several countries, including Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. The Black Sea has long attracted peoples from all over the world, who willingly settled on its shores. But the attitude towards it throughout history has …

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Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh, as it is commonly believed, stands on hills, the magic number of which – seven – implies that for this city the capital’s destiny was predestined. Edinburgh’s history Excavations and other studies have established that the first people on the site of present-day Edinburgh appeared in the Iron and Bronze Ages (1000 BC). In …

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Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Heard and McDonald are uninhabited islands in the southern Indian Ocean. They belong to the Commonwealth of Australia at a distance of over 4,000 kilometers and are managed by the country’s Department of Environment and Energy. Australia’s Subantarctic Archipelago Heard is rugged and mountainous, 80% covered by compacted snow and small glaciers that form the …

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Taurus Mountains

Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains are a mountain system in southern Turkey. It includes several ranges, which bear the name Taurus with different definitions. The name Taurus (Toros) comes from the pre-Indo-European base “taur”, “tor” – mountain, elevation. Geography The Taurus Mountains stretch along the Turkish Mediterranean coast from the Aegean Sea to the border with Armenia, …

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Ashgabat Turkmenistan

Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

Capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat is the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia. The city is located in the south of the country, near the border with Iran. Ashgabat has a rich history and cultural heritage and serves as the administrative, cultural and economic center of the country. The name “Ashgabat” …

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Bucharest Romania

Bucharest (Romania)

Capital of Romania Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the largest cities in the country. The city is located in the southern part of Romania, on the Dimbovica River. Bucharest is the cultural, economic and political center of the country. It is home to many historical and cultural monuments, museums, parks and …

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