Monks Mound In Cahokia

Cahokia Mounds

Photo Monks Mound at Cahokia is an imposing pre-Columbian earthwork structure in North America. Even the name of the tribes who built Cahokia is unknown. However, the name of this large settlement was invented relatively recently. The mounds and the city are surrounded by mysteries, and rather dark, associated with bloody wars and mass sacrifices. […]

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean on Earth and is located between America to the west and Europe and Africa to the east. It also borders the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Southern Ocean to the south. The Atlantic Ocean has a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometers and

Gulf Of Thailand

Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand is a part of the Pacific Ocean located in southeast Asia, between the Indochina Peninsula and the Malay Archipelago. It washes the shores of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. The Gulf of Thailand was named after the former kingdom of Siam, now known as Thailand. The bay has an area of

Rochester England

Rochester (Kent)

English Rochester is a city in southeastern England, located in the county of Kent. The city is about 50 kilometers southeast of London and has a population of about 62,000. Rochester has many historical sites, including Rochester Castle, which was built in 1088 and is now a tourist attraction. The city is also home to

Illinois State

Illinois (State)

Illinois is located in the central United States, on the banks of the Mississippi River. Illinois has an area of about 150 thousand square kilometers and a population of more than 12 million people. The capital of Illinois is the city of Springfield, and the largest city is Chicago, the third largest city in the

Beqaa Valley

Beqaa Valley

The Beqaa Valley is a narrow valley in Lebanon located between the mountain ranges of the Lebanese and Antillebanon Mountains. It is one of the most important regions in Lebanon, both economically and culturally. The Beqaa Valley is of great geopolitical importance as it is the center of Lebanese agriculture and the largest source of

Altai Mountains

Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains are a mountain range located on the border of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, known for its high mountain peaks, clear rivers and lakes, and diverse flora and fauna. The Altai Mountains are important for biodiversity. The region is home to

Nashville Tennessee

Nashville (Tennessee)

Nashville is the capital and largest city of Tennessee, located in the southern United States. The city is known as the “music capital” of the United States, as it is home to many famous recording studios and music venues where performers from around the world perform in concerts. Nashville is also famous for its history,

Salzburg Austria

Salzburg (Austria)

Salzburg is a city in Western Austria known for its beautiful architecture, cultural heritage and historical significance. The city was born in the Middle Ages and is the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is also known for its museums, where you can learn more about the history and culture of the


Kansas (State)

The state of Kansas is located in the center of the United States and is one of the Great Plains states. It borders Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. The population is about 2.9 million and the capital is the city of Topeka. The

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